Our story.

We’ve been married for twelve years and have been working together (professionally) for ten of them. We’ve been to some of the most obscure nooks and crannies of the world telling stories of people who are doing incredible things. We’ve worked with big names, and no-names, and helped people make names for themselves. And despite the adventure of it all we have come to realize that the important stuff of life happens behind the scenes, out of the spotlight, and around the dinner table. 

And that the real story—the one that every other story echos—is worth everything to us.

Living a good story.

Despite how much we love our careers, we have come to realize that we weren’t just made to tell good stories, we were made to live one. We were given a place to come alive inside God’s story and joining Him in what He is doing captivates our hearts and attention. In early 2021 we left the corporate world of agencies and studios in response to what we feel is God’s call on our lives. We will always be content creators at heart—using our skills to build up the Church and ignite passions for disciple making—but we are also joining International Project as church planters among unreached people groups living in the U.S.